Screw Water (Ground) Source Heat Pump


Screw Water (Ground) Source Heat Pump

● Screw Water (Ground) Source Heat Pump Implement ISO13256 standards meet the international requirements

● Adopt the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants, in line with the European environmental protection standards

● Many kinds of power supply system as options

● Cooling only,heat pump,heating only and other many functions as options.

● Optional part /total of the heat recovery function,can provide free and stable 55℃ hot water

● High efficiency inverter compressor as option

● Adopt Germany SIEMENS/ Italy CAREL microcomputer controller,can be connected BAS communication protocol to achieve telecontrol

● LCD display with multiple languages interface, with status display, parameter setting, fault query analysis and other functions

● Before leaving the factory to carry out comprehensive safety inspection and performance test.

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