Heat is a significant problem that almost all manufacturers face due to the vast machinery that is used. For that very reason, demand for air coolers has risen significantly. In addition, industrial chiller manufacturers have also started promoting their products to capture the market. However, you can’t trust all water source heat pump manufacturers out there. Here are a few things you should consider before investing in such a solution.

1. Evaluate the Load of Heat

It’s essential to evaluate the current heat load in your premises to make sure the air chiller you buy is big enough to cover the load. Though there are various ways to determine the current heat load, you first to understand the process of your operations to calculate an accurate level of heat load.

2. Determine the Type of Coolant

Once you are done with getting your heat load stats, your second initiative should be to finalize on the type of coolant suitable for your premises.  Is it water? Or simply air? Or any other source. The answer to this question will help you reach out to the right industrial chiller manufacturers.

3. Finalize Where You’ll Install the Chiller

Have you delegated a small space within your factory to install the chiller indoor? Or do you plan on keeping it outdoor? Once you finalize on where you plan on installing it, you’ll also need to take a few measures and buy equipment to maintain the quality of performance.

4. Evaluate the Performance of a Specific Chiller

Now that you have done your research and have solid stats to choose a chiller, you’ll have to evaluate the level of performance of a specific air cooler. By doing that, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of whether the chiller is the right option for you, or you are going to have to check another model.

5. Make Your Final Call

Once you are done with analyzing your requirements and the performance of air chillers that come under your budget, it’s time to make your final call. Choose the best one for your business as these coolers don’t come cheap. You should also take a look at the minor aspects that are associated with the chiller. For example, the power supply, size, color, footprint and control options.

Which Water Source Heat Pump Manufacturers to Contact? The Verdict!

Choosing the right air chiller for your corporation is a crucial decision that you need to take with care. These chillers require a lot of investment, so don’t rush in making your choice. Take your time and plan accordingly. Follow our useful tips to get your hands on the best air cooling unit for your commercial premises.