About Our Company

Elan is an based on R&D central air conditioner and refrigeration equipment company. Committed to providing professional,high-quality ,energy saving and environmental protection of the central air conditioner and refrigeration equipment to global world market,and also provide users comprehensive improvement of integrated solution and one-stop service. The headquartered of Elan is located in Shanghai ,China.We cooperated with Advanced Engineering Service (Manchester United Kingdom) company and ABP TEC (Toronto,Canada)company to work together to develop and produce environment protection and energy saving central commercial air conditioner,refrigeration equipment for global market .And in the professional field provide the integrated system solutions technical advice services . Elan export the products to around the world 6 regions,almost more than 40 countries,and we also set up technical advisory and customer care teams in a number of regions to service the global customers; Elan established the ISO standard manufacture plant and quality testing center in Shanghai and Suzhou. Manufacture in line with CE/RoHs/UL/AHRI certificate standards products and also provide the pertinent technical training. Elan company follow the “Applied R&D”as the concept,keep the continuous development new technology, at the meantime,we also combined the new technology products with the engineering application together,provide users with integrated complete central air conditioner and industrial refrigeration system to achieve saving the cost ,reducing the project difficulty,shorten the project cycle as our target Elan take “Whole life cycle service”for the purpose .Through the standardization,the specialized service system provides the global users a lifetime,convenient and comprehensive service .
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