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Elan is recognized around the globe as leading Industrial Chiller manufacturers in China. We hold ourselves responsible for serving the global market with best quality refrigeration equipment and Central Air Conditioner Manufacturers. Our team strongly adheres to provide Eco-friendly, durable, technologically advance and highly durable commercial products.

Best Brand of Central Air Conditioner

Headquarter of ELAN is situated in Shanghai, China. We are reliably known as one of the professional Water Source Heat Pump manufacturers with housing clan of skilled professionals. Our entire dedicated workforce strives for comprehensive improvement, innovation and maintains consistency in terms of quality and reliability. We take pride in serving more than 40 countries in different regions, not with top notch products only but also the right assistance that our customers. A diverse clientele comes with diverse needs and our team strives to provide technical guidance along with customer specific solutions to ensure utmost satisfaction.

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Why Choose Elan as Central Air Conditioner Manufacturers?

With years of experience in the industry, Elan is well recognized as one of the reliable Central Air Conditioner manufacturers. We have expanded our network we are real quick at understanding what our customers exact needs. We are making us able to successfully meet their all needs associated with central air conditioner & other refrigeration equipment. As a result, only products that pass CE/RoHs/UL/AHRI certification, reach our esteemed customers.

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