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Elan is recognized around the globe as leading Industrial Chiller manufacturers in China. We hold ourselves responsible for serving the global market with best quality refrigeration equipment and central air conditioner manufacturers. Our team strongly adheres to provide Eco-friendly, durable, technologically advance and highly durable commercial products.

We are recognised in the global market for the quality and efficiency of our products. Our top priority as central air conditioner manufacturers is to provide the finest quality to our customers. We have a group of passionate experts who put their hard work into the manufacturing of eco-friendly and technologically advanced products. The material used at the production unit is of high quality which ensures the eminence of our products. Seracelan is not only known for the production of amazing industrial chillers, but we also have a repute as one of the leading water source heat pump manufacturers. Our heat pumps are durable and are known for the strength. The manufacturing unit at Seracelan adheres to the modern demands and all equipment used are high-tech. We keep our machinery technologically updated in order to meet the modern necessities. As a result, we have many faithful and satisfied customers. High Quality Central Air Conditioner Manufacturers No other supplier can match the rates and quality we are offering to the customers. The central AC we manufacture meets all the demands of the modern world. The team of trained professionals makes sure only the best reach customers. Our strict quality control and checks only allow the perfect products to pass through. We pride ourselves as being the renowned central air conditioner manufacturers in China.

We believe in serving our buyers with the finest and advanced machines only. As an organisation, it is our job to work towards better solutions. We value our clients which is why our team is eager to provide you with the solutions for your every AC related problem. The journey was not easy, and we have been through all sort of ups and down. It is only after years of hard work and experience that we gained the status of the best central air conditioner supplier. It took years of dedication, commitment, and devotion to be at the place where we are today. Our buyers are the best support system anyone could ask for, and we feel a great sense of gratitude towards them. It is you who made us, and we promise to deliver our best to you.

High Quality Central Air Conditioner Manufacturers

Headquarter of ELAN is situated in Shanghai, China. We are reliably known as one of the professional Water Source Heat Pump manufacturers with housing clan of skilled professionals. Our entire dedicated workforce strives for comprehensive improvement, innovation and maintains consistency in terms of quality and reliability. We take pride in serving more than 40 countries in different regions, not with top notch products only but also the right assistance that our customers. A diverse clientele comes with diverse needs and our team strives to provide technical guidance along with customer specific solutions to ensure utmost satisfaction.

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With years of experience in the industry, Elan is well recognized as one of the reliable Central Air Conditioner manufacturers. We have expanded our network we are real quick at understanding what our customers exact needs. We are making us able to successfully meet their all needs associated with central air conditioner & other refrigeration equipment. As a result, only products that pass CE/RoHs/UL/AHRI certification, reach our esteemed customers.

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